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TAKAL WELGARE ORGANIZATION (TWO) was founded in the year 2001 by a group of committed volunteers. It was registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Ordinance of 1961 on 2009 in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and later on registered with FATA Social Welfare Department. TWO is committed to work with the good communities, especially the conflicts and disaster stricken. Since its inception TWO has flourished in terms of its program operations and team’s growth.

Primarily, TWO has come into existence in order to address local issues relating community development and encourage as well as guide community participation in any/all efforts made to improve the quality of life of local residents in areas where a lot needs to be done for ensuring safety and basic life facilities for the poor, neglected, and/or marginalized segment of the population.

While many non-governmental organizations, both national and international, have been working in Pakistan for relief, rehabilitation, and development, there has been a specific need for local organizations in most backward and hard-to-reach northern and southern areas of Pakistan. TWO is composed of volunteers and professionals. Its local origin and organizational composition allowed TWO the unique position to easily access local communities for mobilization of their resources and actualize the concept of sustainable development through self-reliance.

Close observation from a local perspective renders keen judgmental ability to an organization and that is why TWO exists – to count on local knowledge, capability of specific needs assessment, and ability to mobilize local resources for bringing about relief, peace, and sustainable development.