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We believe that all the human – whoever they are, wherever they are – have the right to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.


Our mission is based on equal values of humanity to work together for a human being vulnerability caused by poverty, unequal power, disability and their sufferings.



Health awareness campaigns would be a key tool utilized by TWO to raise awareness among the men and women community equipping them with basic awareness knowledge regarding health and hygiene. TWO focuses on Mother & Child Healthcare in the rural communities of KPK.


TWO will work for the promotion of quality education among disadvantaged communities through activation of existing government line departments and civil society organizations (CSOs). TWO is an active member of UNICEF Education Cluster for KPK/FATA, Pakistan.


Water, sanitation, and hygiene is the flagship programme of TWO, which accounts for 50 per cent of all the projects and programmes it has done so far. Since 2009, TWO has been providing the basic water facilities at household and community level.


TWO aims to provide opportunities to youth and women to explore, enhance and utilize their knowledge, capabilities and skills to improve their status in the society and earn appropriate recognition of their contributions.

Humanitarian Relief

Emergency and DRR are also the integral component of the TWO development agenda. Our approach to disaster resilience is built on promotion, capacity development and institutional support to community organisations which enables them in coping with natural disasters. TWO has responded to COVID-19, floods (2011-12), IDPS (2012-13) and other emergencies to poorest of the poor individuals in KPK, Pakistan.

Women's Welfare

TWO has been involved in women empowerment through community development projects, training, volunteering, and internships.

Food Security & Livelihoods

To improve food security, nutrition and livelihood status of the marginalized communities through enterprise development, integrated agriculture.

Natural Resource Management

TWO will strive for optimum natural resource management through participatory approaches and introduction of new techniques for promotion of agriculture, forestry, water resource management and livestock.

Social Mobilization

As social mobilization, Gender mainstreaming and capacity building are cross cutting themes of TWO. We incorporate the principles of social mobilization in all our programs.


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Our Memeberships

TWO also ensured its memberships in various development networks like:


TWO also ensured its partnerships in various development networks like:

Meet Our Leadership

TWO volunteer Board of Directors

Muhammad Dawood


Aimal Khan

Finance Secretary

Muhammad Zakria

General Secretary

Abdus Salam

Vice President

Hamad Afzal

Joint Secretary

Durre Shahwar

General Secretary